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Black is the new Shite

8 Jan , 2015  


In June 2013, current UCI President Brian Cookson released his manifesto which ultimately succeeded in helping him get elected at the UCI congress later that year. In that manifesto in the section entitled 'Overhaul the structure of elite road cycling' Cookson wrote the following: “The structure of elite cycling needs to provide a clear and compelling narrative ...

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A Monumental Loss of Tradition

2 Jan , 2015  


Norwegian, Swiss, Dutch, Australian and Irish -the nationalities of the five winners of the 2014 monument classics were unusually diverse. It was only the fifth time that all five races were won by riders from different countries. Notably the winners didn't include any Belgians, French, Italians or Spaniards. This is not quite a first in cycling ...

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Tour de France

The Million Dollar Nonsense

7 Oct , 2014  

Alpe d'Huez

"If Quintana, Froome, Nibali and Contador all agree to ride all three Grand Tours, I'll get Tinkoff Bank to put up €1 million. They can have €250,000 each as an extra incentive. I think it's a good idea" The words of Oleg Tinkov speaking recently to Cycling News as he once more offers to throw money ...

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Rider Transfers,Vuelta a Espana

The Changing Face of Cycling

24 Sep , 2014  

Imagine you're the manager of a cycling team and you're looking for a particular type of rider. But instead of finding one guy that fits the job description, you find several, all with very similar physical attributes and identical salary demands - how do you decide which one to sign? The answer might be, whichever one you're ...

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Vuelta a Espana

Morbid Curiosity and the Redemption of Chris Froome

11 Sep , 2014  


The This Week in Cycling History podcast began as exactly that. I attempted to find three stories for each show, from any year in cycling's past, but the stories needed to have taken place in the week of the year in which we were currently in. Simple enough. But one winter of research was enough ...

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Tour of Flanders

Punch-ups, bike changes and a stolen Tour of Flanders

9 Sep , 2014  


The gloves were off on Stage 16 of the Vuelta a Espana. Gianluca Brambilla and Ivan Rovny took issue with each other and had a boxing match while on the bike. Meanwhile, according to Philip Deignan's daily diary in the Irish Independent, Joaquim Rodriguez bust his lip open with a punch during the stage. While Rodriguez ...

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